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This page is hidden during the Fall semester to give students the opportunity to work on their own unique contributions to the blog, without the outside influence of past submissions.


CGS 3063, Computers and Modern Society, is taught by Dr. Kyla McMullen at the University of Florida. Students contribute to a class blog discussing social, technical, and ethical implications of various technical topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), algorithm bias, the internet of things (IoT), communication, hacking, privacy, security, the technical workforce, virtual reality(VR), and more. 

Upon completion of this course, students will: 

- Understand how advances in technology have significantly shaped the way we live, work, and interact

- Become familiar with the impact new technologies have had on the role of citizens in a global society, and the ethical choices that must be made

- Discover methods in which to use technology to understand society

- Understand the evolution of technology-oriented workplaces and the changing opportunities

- Understand the influence of technology on our culture, social interaction, and the communication patterns of men and women

- Learn effective technical communication of ideas and concepts 

- Learn how to use data to make decisions

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